How do I renew my Business License at the beginning of each calendar year?
It is the responsibility of the business owner or primary contact to ensure the business has a current business license at the beginning of each calendar year.

A Business License Renewal Notice will be sent to all continuing business license holders at the end of each calendar year. If a continuing business does not receive a Business License Renewal Notice by January 20th of the new year, the business owner or primary contact should contact the city to inquire about renewing their business license for the current calendar year. Any corrections or additions to the information on the renewal notice must be made on the form and returned to the city with the license renewal fee payment and any other documentation required.

Businesses that fail to respond to a renewal notice by January 31st shall be deemed to be operating without a license and subject to a penalty of 10 percent of the annual license fee. Failure to respond to a second notice, the Delinquent Business License Renewal Notice, by February 28th will result in an additional penalty of 10 percent of the balance owed and revocation of the license effective March 1st. If the business continues to do business within the city without a current year business license, they will be in violation of the City Code and subject to a fine, jail, or both. Each day a violation continues shall be a separate offense punishable as herein described.

The business is liable for payment of all delinquent business license fees and related sales tax for all periods the business has operated within the city. Should the business pay the renewal fees after February 28th, the city will determine on a case-by-case basis whether to reinstate the business license or notify the business that they can not do business within the City of El Mirage.

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