Why does a fire truck respond to medical calls...?
The fire department and the private ambulance company work together to provide rapid and efficient patient care and transportation to the closest appropriate medical facility.

The fire department is the primary first responder and treatment provider for all medical emergencies in the City of EL Mirage and assists the greater Phoenix Metro area via Automatic Aid agreements. Most fire engines across the valley are staffed with two paramedics and two emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

When you call 911, based upon the information that you provide the closest appropriate unit to your emergency is sent regardless of City boundaries. Fire Stations are strategically positioned across the Valley to provide a response time of 4 minutes or less. The 4 minute response time is based upon data from the American Heart Association that irreparable heart and brain tissue is lost if without oxygen in as little as 4-6 minutes. From a fire standpoint, a fire will double in size every minute so the faster the response time the less fire damage..

In most cases four to six people are needed to adequately manage a call where a patient’s heart has stopped. There are many different tasks that must be performed simultaneously. If you think about it, we are bringing an entire hospital emergency department and equipment to your door.

In many cases by the time the ambulance company arrives, the fire department has performed most if not all of the critical treatment issues and is ready for the patient to be transported to the nearest hospital. This reduces any on scene delay to a minimum.

If the patient needs advanced life support, then the fire department paramedic that began the treatment accompanies the patient to the hospital where patient care is transferred to the emergency department. Once the fire crew has completed their work at an EMS call, they are immediately available for any other emergency call that would come in, be it a fire or another EMS call.

This system that the entire Phoenix metropolitan area works under is extremely efficient and provides a substantial savings to taxpayers by eliminating redundant equipment and utilizing the existing equipment and personnel to their maximum potential.

Even though our system has proven to be efficient and economical we are constantly seeking and evaluating other service delivery models to make certain that provide the highest level of service to meet our customer’s needs balanced with safety and financial responsibility.

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