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Jun 23

City Asks for Residents' Feedback in National Community Survey

Posted on June 23, 2021 at 12:18 PM by Kari Sliva

Community Survey  Polco

The City of El Mirage is participa
ting in its first National Community Survey (NCS) by the Polco/National Research CenterThe survey went to 2,700 randomly selected El Mirage households on May 5. This random sample will provide results that are representative of the entire community within a known margin of error. The time that residents of this sample have to respond has been extended.

The online survey will now be made available to every resident from June 23 to July 7. Link to take the survey now:
NOTE TO POSTCARD RECIPIENTS: If you were one of the 2,700 households that received a survey postcard via mail inviting you to take the random sample survey, please respond to the URL link provided to you on that postcard, rather than following the open participation survey links provided here. This assists the survey company attain random survey goals. 

Residents can rate their overall quality of life and provide specific feedback about municipal services, public safety, customer service and their level of participation in community events and activities. Since this survey is standardized, it is used for benchmark comparisons with communities nationwide including
other Arizona communities.

Eight facets will be measured that reinforce the foundations of livability, which make a community a place where people want to live:
  1. safety
  2. mobility
  3. natural environment
  4. built environment
  5. economy
  6. recreation and wellness
  7. education and enrichment 
  8. community engagement

Resident input helps the City understand it strengths and areas for improvement and informs City operations by aligning strategic plan, departmental work plans and budgets with community priorities.

Feedback provided through these surveys also helps the City and City Council to prioritize projects, initiatives, services and programs for El Mirage.

Once residents have answered the questions, taking less than 15 minutes to complete, they will be asked to provide their email and zip code to Polco/National Research Center. This assures that the survey is counting each person only once. Responses will remain confidential - no individual responses or data will be shared with the City. All responses are reported in group form only. 

Here are some important privacy details regarding the survey: 

  • Polco keeps individual opinions anonymous, while still allowing City officials to see broad demographic and geographic breakdowns.
  • Online users will have the option to create a Polco account to participate in future online surveys. This is optional and not required in order to participate in the NCS. If residents choose to participate, they can opt-out at any time. 

Participating in this online survey will allow residents to opt-into future feedback opportunities from the City of El Mirage, which plans to ask for input about other topics, ideas, initiatives and issues in the future. 


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