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May 05

The El Mirage 2020 General Plan

Posted on May 5, 2021 at 9:58 PM by Kari Sliva

The 2020 General Plan Amendment enhances the City’s vision to promote community’s growth and development. Over the last two and a half years the El Mirage Community Development Planning and Zoning staff has been working with the planning consulting firm Michael Baker International to update the City’s current 2010 General Plan. 

On May 19, 2020, the City Council unanimously approved the 2020 General Plan for placement on the November 3, 2020 ballot for final voter ratification by the residents of El Mirage. 

To update the General Plan, the City conducted a series of public outreach activities to get feedback from members of the community and local stakeholders such as business owners and public agencies that operate within the City. 

Throughout the process, we conducted online surveys, attended City special events, facilitated one-on-one interviews, and hosted community meetings to hear what residents envision for the City of El Mirage. 

Through outreach efforts, residents of El Mirage expressed they want a safe place to live and play, amenities and events to enjoy, work options near home with good wages, improved commercial centers to shop locally and the ability to have mobile options to travel safe. 

“I enjoyed working with the members of the community, stakeholders and residents, as they shared their vision for El Mirage,” said Jose A. Macias, El Mirage City Planner. “I’m excited about this General Plan because it focuses on creating a thriving environment and has obtainable goals that will make El Mirage a vibrant community.” 

Based on public input, the El Mirage 2020 General Plan refined the 2010 Plan’s vision statement, giving direction and purpose to the document by expressing the desired future view of the City. The vision statement now reads as follows:

“El Mirage is a thriving desert jewel that serves as the gateway to the Northwest Valley with revenue generating uses, high-wage employment opportunities, high-quality and safe neighborhoods and sustainable practices. A well-defined park system is connected by multiuse trails while carefully landscaped roadways offer access, alternative modes of transportation and enhanced mobility throughout the community for people and goods.” 

In support of the General Plan’s vision for the future and based on community feedback, the El Mirage 2020 General Plan is organized around four central themes: Create Places; Improve Mobility; Provide Amenities; and Increase Prosperity. The plan then outlines a series of elements that support the themes.

State law requires that cities prepare General Plans to address a variety of elements (i.e. topics). Based on the population of a city or town, certain elements are mandatory for a General Plan. All cities and towns are obligated to address land use and circulation. Larger communities, including El Mirage, are also required to include elements relating to open space, growth areas, environmental planning, cost of development, and water resources. 

To go above and beyond state law, the El Mirage 2020 General Plan addresses specific elements relative to land use and growth:

  • Circulation
  • Open Space
  • Parks, Recreation and Trails
  • Wellness and Livability
  • Economic Development
  • Community Facilities
  • Services and Safety
  • Water Resources
  • Environmental Stewardship 
  • Cost of Development 
“In addition to addressing the foundational aspects of land use, mobility, recreation and services, the 2020 General Plan incorporates emerging issues that are not addressed in the City’s current General Plan,” said Matt Klyszeiko, Project Manager, Michael Baker International. “These emerging issues include community health and place-based economic prosperity to create a forward-looking plan that will guide El Mirage through the next decade and beyond.” 

Residents are encouraged to review the plan and learn more about the specific goals, policies and actions that support each element to create a City where residents and visitors can live, work, shop, visit and engage with each other. 

We hope that this article has given residents a better understanding of the importance of a General Plan. Visit our City website to view and learn more about its themes and elements.

Click here to review the El Mirage 2020 General Plan



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