City Manager's Office

Core Values & Customer ServiceCrystal Dyches 2021

In the City of El Mirage, we are committed to excellence in the delivery of services. I hope that you will find our website of service to you, and encourage you to engage with our City, as out team is eager and available to answer any questions or concerns.

Our core values of transparency, fiscal responsibility, environmental stewardship, community engagement, and excellence in all we do are principles which define the culture of our local government. These values inspire our City employees to make ethical and professional work decisions and provide outstanding customer service to our residents.   
--Crystal Dyches, El Mirage City Manager

Council-Manager Form of Government

The City of El Mirage operates under the Council-Manager form of government, a system in which political leadership and professional leadership are blended and public policy decisions are made by elected officials on the basis of professional recommendations and advice.  Under this system, the City Council hires a professional City Manager who is responsible for translating council policy into action, as well as the daily administration and management of all City departments. The strength of the Council-Manager form of government lies in the political leadership of the City Council combined with the managerial expertise of a City Manager.

The City Manager's Office is responsible for the overall administration of City Government in concert with the City Council’s strategic priorities. This includes the implementation of the City Council's policies and directives, the development of the City’s Annual Budget and Capital Improvement Program, and the day-to-day management of City government.

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