Additional Fees

Delinquency Fees

There is a 5 day grace period before your bill is considered delinquent.  A delinquency fee of 5% will be assessed on any past due balance if payment has not been received by the due date, (15th for bills due on the 10th and 30th for bill due on the 25th) and a Service Suspension Notice will be mailed out with another payment due date. If your billing date is the 10th of every month, any past due balances must be paid by the 9th of the following month to avoid disconnection.  If your billing date is the 25th of every month, any past due balances must be paid by the 24th of the following month to avoid disconnection. Payment must be received by Customer Service on or before the due date. Service will discontinue if payment is not made by that date, and a $95.00 disconnection fee will be assessed. If service is disconnected the past due balance, current balance, and a $95.00 service fee must be paid before service can be restored.

Call our Customer Service representatives at 623-933-1228 to make a payment or an arrangement and avoid an interruption of service.  All arrangements must be established prior to service being disconnected.

Returned Checks

A $25.00 returned check fee will be charged for any unpaid check. Payment for a returned check must be made in the form of cash, cashier check, credit card or money order. If the returned check was payment for a deposit or delinquent account upon which a Service Suspension Notice was issued, service will be discontinued without further notice. If this occurs, all amounts due (including payment of the current month’s bill, required deposits, and all applicable service charges) must be paid in full in order to have service reinstated.

Service Reinstatement

Once an account has been placed on the disconnection list (due to delinquency or returned checks, etc.) the account will be charged a disconnection fee of $95.00. To reinstate service all Service Fees, Past Due Balances, and Current Balances must be paid in full.

Meter Tampering Fee

Any meter that is turned off, for non-payment or related event, shall be re-connected by an authorized City of El Mirage employee only. Unauthorized reactivation of a meter will result in a meter tampering fee of $250.00 plus cost of labor and materials with a 15% administrative fee to be charged for tampering with City utility meters, equipment or facilities.

Service Activation

There will be a refundable deposit, and a non-refundable service fee at the time an account is activated. To activate service, fill out the New Utility Application, and return it to the Customer Service Division by mail or in person with a copy of the required documentation.

The following information is REQUIRED on your application

  1. Requested date of connection
  2. Applicant and co-applicant information
  3. Social Security #, Date of Birth
  4. Copy of your valid Federal or State issued photo identification (Driver's License)
  5. (Owner) A copy of your closing documents
  6. (Tenant) A signed copy of your rental/lease contract
  7. (Business/Commercial) A signed copy of closing documents or rental/lease contract

Please give us at least one business day (Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays) to turn on utility service.  Please make sure all lease or rental contracts are signed by both parties. Documents submitted without proper signatures will not be accepted.   

Rate Schedules

Ordinance or Council Resolution establishes our rates. Copies of applicable Ordinances and Resolutions can be obtained by calling the City Clerk’s office at 623-876-2925.

Replacement Garbage or Recycling Can
The City of El Mirage will replace a "City of El Mirage" garbage or recycling can free of charge if the can is damaged, missing, lost or stolen. Please call Customer Service for assistance, 623-933-1228.