Flashing Yellow Arrows

Flashing Yellow Arrows

Flashing yellow arrows will replace the green ball on permissive left turn movements and protected/permissive left turn movements at multiple signalized intersections in the City of El Mirage. The City is installing flashing yellow arrows as a way to improve safety at signalized intersections.


Benefits of the Flashing Yellow Arrow

  • It eliminates motorist confusion as to the meaning of the circular green light, which can be mistaken as a protected left turn.
  • It is capable of being operated in various modes of left turn operations by time of day.


How It Works

The flashing yellow arrow signal head will consist of four arrow indications:

Steady Red Arrow = Driver must stop and may not enter the intersection.

Steady Yellow Arrow = Drivers are warned the turning signal is about to turn red. Do not enter the intersection if you can stop safely. Vehicles in the intersection should safely complete their turns.

Flashing Yellow Arrow = Drivers are allowed to turn after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. (Oncoming traffic has a green light.) Drivers must determine if there is an adequate gap before turning!

Steady Green Arrow = Drivers making a turn have the right of way. (Not present at some intersections.)


A visual representation and video are shown below.


The flashing yellow arrow signal head may also look like this…

However, the arrow indications have the same meaning.


Please see video below from City of Chandler explaining flashing yellow arrows.



Starting August 9, 2021, flashing yellow arrow signal heads will be installed at the following signalized intersections:

  • El Mirage Road & Thunderbird Road
  • El Mirage Road & Cactus Road
  • El Mirage Road & Peoria Avenue
  • El Mirage Road & Cinnabar Avenue
  • El Mirage Road & Joe R Ramirez Road
  • El Mirage Road & Olive Avenue
  • Dysart Road & Cactus Road
  • 129th Avenue & Thunderbird Road


If you have any questions regarding flashing yellow arrows within the City of El Mirage, please contact the Engineering Division at 623-972-8116.