Community Garden

GardenGateCommunity gardens offer many benefits by providing opportunities to eat healthy fruits and vegetables; engage participants in physical activity and providing social opportunities; and creating green space that can beautify and renew parks. Most importantly, these gardens provide a site where community members can grow their own produce – increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Community gardens foster the health equity work being done nationwide to eliminate food deserts and ensure that everyone can be their healthiest.

The El Mirage Community Garden is located near the El Mirage Senior Center at 14010 N. El Mirage Road and was envisioned as a garden with citizen involvement as an integral part of its care and maintenance. The garden offers opportunities for leasing individual plots; learning in an applied education environment; and interacting with fellow citizens in the spirit of cooperation. The City of El Mirage is the highest managerial authority of the El Mirage Community Garden.

Garden box spaces are available for residents to rent on an annual basis in two sizes:

Full Plot (4’x8’ = $40/year)

Half Plot (4’x4’ = $20/year)

Gardeners are expected to help maintain a neat community garden appearance by keeping their garden space clean and disposing of any garbage. Should the garden require additional cleaning, designated times will be scheduled for gardeners to help with clean-up.

If you would like more information on applying for a garden box in the El Mirage Community Garden, please call 623-876-2973 or email

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