Sex Offender Registration Verification

In order to combat sex offender registration violations, the El Mirage Police Department has implemented a Sex Offender Registration Verification Program. Officers will be contacting identified sex offenders in our community at various, pre-determined times during the year to verify addresses, employment status, and other relevant information.

Arizona Revised Statutes require each sex offender convicted in the state of Arizona to participate in a required risk assessment conducted by criminal justice practitioners and be assigned and then registered with one of the following levels:

  • Level 1 (Low Risk) offenders - NO Community Notification
  • Level 2 (Intermediate Risk) offenders - Community Notification
  • Level 3 (High Risk) offenders - Community Notification

El Mirage Officers will be contacting registered sex offenders using the following guidelines:

  • Level 1 offenders will be contacted once per year
  • Level 2 offenders will be contacted biannually
  • Level 3 offenders will be contacted quarterly
Sex Offender Registry
  1. Database

To view further information regarding sex offenders in your area, please click the photo above or follow this link.