Crime Stats & Maps

Crime Mapping

The Community Crime Map compiles crime data and other information from law enforcement agencies to make it easier for the public to stay informed about crime and help raise awareness.   

By visiting the Community Crime Map website, citizens can observe the types of crime, amount of crime and approximate locations within their community. You can also sign up for crime alerts to be notified when new activity occurs. 

Community Crime Map is currently under construction and may not be 100% complete.  Repairs should be completed soon to better assist you with finding information from your community. 

Incident Based Crime Reports

To view the most current crime reports, please click here

EMPD became a certified Incident Based Reporting (IBR) agency in 2021.  Current IBR data is limited to 2021 due to historical not being available for this program.

Summary Based Crime Reports

To view previous annual crime reports, please click here