El Mirage Zoning Ordinance Update

El Mirage Title XV: Zoning Code: Land Usage Volume 2
Chapters 150 through 155

A Zoning Ordinance provides the rules that defines how properties in specific geographic areas can be used. It also regulates lot sizes, placement and heights of structures and other features on the site.  Zoning rules vary greatly by zone, but their most general, shared purpose is to separate residential property use from commercial property use.

The City of El Mirage City Council has identified the need to update Zoning Ordinance’s Zoning and Land Use Codes to keep up with the changing City planning world and has provided a directive to have the Zoning Ordinance updated. 

The Community Development Planning and Zoning staff is working with a Planning Consulting firm, Michael Baker International, to assist with the process of updating the Zoning Ordinance Title XV: Chapters 150 through 155 of the Zoning Code: Land Usage Volume 2. The volume includes the following chapters;

Building Code

Public Rights-Of-Way; Encroachments

Property Development; Off-Site Construction Improvement Requirements

Floodplain Management

Zoning Code

This page is intended to keep the general public informed of the process by posting information and activities involving the updating process. We encourage the general public and stakeholders to visit this page to stay informed.

Zoning MAP 2020 10 06