Referral Service is a legal resources dedicated to those persons who are now senior citizens. This website provides general legal information regarding many laws, benefits, special services available, as well as contact information for many additional resources. 
Law for Seniors
Law for Veterans is our most recent website created. This website is dedicated to the meet the specific legal needs of veterans by providing general information on a variety of legal areas. The website has targeted legal areas to meet the needs of veterans. In addition, some courts have provided virtual court tours which can be found on this site. is an additional resources made available to those individuals who are not yet the age of majority. The website contains general information for minors who may have a legal concern and feel they have nowhere to turn. This website also provides resources for parents and teachers looking to reach out the children.
Law for Kids
AzCourtHelpLogo is a website focused on assisting self-represented litigants and building awareness with the general public on the Arizona court systems and processes. This website will be live October 1, 2016 so please wait until then to post the link. is a legal resource available to educate the public and answer general legal questions. This website is dedicated to delivering legal information and valuable resources within an easy to understand framework online.
AZ Law Help

Arizona Department of Housing Rental Assistance & Eviction Prevention Programs