Pay Court Fines - Payment Methods

To make a payment, you must have your complaint/citation or case number. You can find the number on your Citation/Ticket or use the Public Access to Court Information feature by clicking below on the "Search by Name" button or the "Search by Case Number" button.

Payments are charged to your credit card immediately. Please print the receipt page for your records.

Pay Online: Click here for online payments

Online Payments

Pay with Cash 

To utilize "Pay Near Me" at a nearby kiosk, you may obtain a "Pay with Cash" barcode and pay court financial obligations with cash utilizing "PayNearMe," click here and follow the instructions, including a helpful video on how to pay at locations like 7-Eleven, CVS, Family Dollar and Ace Cash Express.

Pay by Telephone

Call 623-815-2186 to pay by telephone.

Public Access to Court Information

You may not be able to access tickets issued less than 48 hours ago.

Case Search by Name Case Search by Case Number

NOTE: The following data are excluded from the search results:
  • Sealed Cases
  • Non-served Domestic Violence Cases
  • Mental Health Cases
  • Juvenile Incorrigible/Delinquency Cases
  • Probate Cases
  • Victim Data
  • Witness Data
  • Juvenile Incorrigible/Delinquency case data is excluded and does not display; other types of cases in which juveniles are parties may display. Other functions that are carried out by the clerk’s office such as passport applications, power of attorney and process servers are also not reflected here.