Campaign Finance Reporting Forms

Campaign Finance
State law requires candidates to account for all monies or things of value received and expended by them, their campaign committee, exploratory committee or individuals on behalf of a person's candidacy for public office. State law also provides an alternative for a candidate who does not receive contributions or make expenditures totaling more than $500 in connection with an election cycle - both the primary and general. There are no statutory limits on the dollar amount any candidate can spend during the campaign. Campaign contributions are, however, limited pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-905 and those limits apply to the entire election cycle both primary and general.

Registration of Political Committees

Candidates must file a political committee Statement of Organization or a $500 Threshold Exemption Statement before receiving or expending money, circulating petitions or distributing campaign literature.

A candidate who intends to receive contributions or make expenditures of $500 or less must sign a $500 Threshold Exemption Statement. As long as a statement has been signed and the candidate does not receive contributions or make expenditures of more than $500 during an election cycle, the candidate does not need to file a statement of organization or any other campaign finance forms. However, if the candidate later receives or expends more than $500, a statement of organization must be filed with the clerk within five (5) business days.

Campaign Finance Reporting Forms
The following are the required campaign finance reporting forms. These forms can be printed, completed and filed with the City Clerk.

$500 Threshold Exemption Statement
Statement of Organization
2014 – Financial Report - Cover Sheet (contains the Due Dates)
2014 – Financial Report – Detail
No Activity Report
Annual No Activity Report
Termination Statement