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General Information
A permit is required for the demolition of any building or structure larger than 120 sq. ft. A permit is required in order to provide information to the Maricopa County Assessor to remove the structure from tax records and assessments. With the exception of commercial demolitions, most demolition permits can be issued over the counter.

Demolition Permit Requirements

Application: Complete permit application form. This must be submitted along with the required documents below, as applicable:

Documents: Per 2012 International Existing 
Building Code (IEBC) 106.2

A. Two copies of site plans: 
  • Note the project location: Street address, lot number and parcel number
  • Include all lot dimensions and all property lines
  • Label all adjacent streets
  • Show ALL structures on the property. Label which structures are to be demolished, which are to remain.
  • Indicate the dumpster and construction fence locations.
  • Clearly note the location of all gas and water meters, sewer lines, underground electrical lines and/or overhead lines and poles.
B. A haul permit is required for debris in excess of five hundred (500) cubic yards. Contact the City of El Mirage Engineering Department for permit.

C. Commercial Demos / Proof of Ownership: 
  • All permit applications for commercial, tenant improvement, residential and factory built structures shall include a recorded deed or other suitable evidence of ownership. For tenant improvements, either a deed or copy of the lease agreement is required. Exception: The city of El Mirage waives this requirement if the demolition is a result of a request by the City Code Enforcement office.
D. Disturbed areas larger than 1/10 acre (4,356 sq. ft.) are required to comply with Maricopa County Air quality Standards (PM10) and require a dust control permit.

Demolition Permit Requirements
  • Any demolition other than on a single family residential lot requires a dust control permit when the disturbed area is larger than 1/10 of an acre or 4,356 sq. ft. See for more information and permit applications.
  • Contact Blue Stake to locate any utility locations prior to any digging or disconnection of utilities. Call 602-263-1100 or 811.
Submittal requirements
All components listed above must be submitted with the Building Permit Application. Application packages must be completed and submitted to Building Safety at 10000 N. El Mirage Rd, El Mirage, AZ 85335. Demolition permit fees are flat rates depending on the type of structure.


  • Pre-demolition- to verify utilities have been located
  • Final- to verify all building components have been removed, including footings.

An inspection will be required upon completion of each part of the work. The inspection request line number is 623-876-2979. This is an automated line that is available 24 hours a day. Our office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Any inspection called in before 4:00 p.m. will be made the next business day.

Please contact the Building Safety at 623-251-3503 for additional information.

Additional Information

  • Contractor information: Property owners may act as their own contractor only if the property is not, and will not be, used as rental property. A city of El Mirage Business License number is required of all contractors performing services within the City of El Mirage.
  • Notice must be given to adjacent property owners ten (10) days prior to the work being done. Exception: The City of El Mirage will be responsible for notifying adjoining property owners when the demolition is a result of a request by the City Code Enforcement office. IEBC 1402.1
  • Construction fencing forty two inches (42") in height is required to protect the site and public during the demolition.
  • Post a temporary site address sign visible from the street.
  • Contact all utilities (Blue Stake) for utility location and shut off when required.
Permit Fees: $25 for each accessory structure, $150 for each Residential, or $200 for each Commercial Building. Permit is valid for 180 days (6 months) from the time of issuance.

Inspections: Call 623-876-2979 prior to 4:00pm for inspections the next business day. 
  • Pre-Demolition: To verify all utilities have been disconnected, all meters removed, and construction fencing is in place
  • Sewer cap / Underground inspection: Sewer lines are disconnected and capped to within five feet (5') of the property line. all under ground utilities, footings, foundations are removed and trenches have remained open for inspection. No debris may remain or be buried on site.
  • Final: All demolition debris is removed. Back fill and final grading/compaction are completed. Construction fencing is removed. Check surrounding properties, easements, right-of-ways for any damage caused during the demolition work.

Handy Contact Information

623-583-7968 City of El Mirage Building Dept.
623-876-2974 City of El Mirage Engineering Dept.
623-933-1228 City of El Mirage Water Services
602-506-3406 Maricopa County Assessor
602-372-1071 Maricopa County Air Quality
602-506-6708 Maricopa County Environmental Services (asbestos)
602-506-6900 Maricopa County Health Dept.
602-364-1003 State of AZ Office of Manufactured Housing
602-542-1502 Registrar of Contractors
206-263-1100 Blue Stake
602-371-7171 Arizona Public Service Residential
602-371-6767 Arizona Public Service Commercial
602-861-1999 Southwest Gas 

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