Fire, Building & Life Safety

Permit Fees Valuation


  • Provides technical information and support to the general public
  • Reviews and approves all building plans in accordance to adopted codes
  • Issues permits
  • Inspects all construction within the city
  • Enforces all applicable state, federal, and local laws and ordinances
The City of El Mirage has adopted the 2012 International Codes with amendments.

Click here to view the Amended Codes
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The key to reducing death, injuries, and property loss lies in prevention.  The formula for reducing these losses is the 3 –E’s:  Education, Engineering, and Enforcement.

Through Public Education, in fire safety practices we can change unsafe attitudes and behaviors and eliminate many fires of injuries before they happen.

When buildings are constructed our staff reviews the plans to ensure compliance with the current Building and Fire Codes so that the structure meets the current public safety standards.

As a building is being constructed inspections are conducted throughout the process to verify compliance with the various codes. Once constructed, regularly scheduled inspections are performed by the Fire Department to ensure that the building’s safety features are being maintained and that the processes being conducted in the building are being performed in a safe manner.