Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement’s responsibility is to enforce established Zoning & City Codes for the purpose of cleaning and enhancing the appearance of our community which will maintain or raise property values, reduce crime, and instill pride in our community.

Residents can assist in the appearance of El Mirage by taking an active part in cleaning up neighborhoods, as well as reporting blight-related problems that need attention. 

Code Enforcement can work with property owners to bring properties into code compliance and continue striving to achieve a clean and safe city to live in. If you have questions, need additional information or to find out how you can contribute to your community - call us at (623) 500-3020 or send an email to  

Typical code violations that require Code Enforcement action

  1. Vegetation – ​Property owners are responsible for maintaining their properties and the adjacent right-of-way, free of dead vegetation.  Property owners are also responsible for assuring that weeds or lawn grass on their property and the adjacent right-of-way does not exceed 6 inches in height.  Trees and shrubs must not interfere with streets or sidewalks, and there must be a clearance of 7 feet over the sidewalk and 12 feet over the roadway. 
  2. Temporary Signage – Garage sale and for sale signs are not allowed to be placed in city rights-of-way. 
  3. Items in the Right-of-Way – No items of any kind may be placed on or obstruct the public sidewalk or street.  This includes the parking of vehicles or trailers in the area between the curb line and the property line.  
  4. Inoperable Vehicles – Inoperable vehicles must not be seen from beyond the bounds of the property line.  An inoperable vehicle is a vehicle that is not equipped with all parts that are required to legally and safely operate on public streets, does not display current license, or cannot be driven under its own power. 
  5. Litter, Debris, and Items in Public View – Items cannot be left in unsheltered areas of private property or visible from the public street or sidewalk.   
  6. Parking – There are limits to the amount of residential yard area that can be used for a driveway or parking.  Parking vehicles anywhere other than these designated areas may be a violation.  Designated parking areas must be dust-proofed, according to city specifications. 
  7. Boats/Trailers – No person shall park or store any vehicle such as, but not limited to, watercraft, camper shell, truck camper, trailer, boat, or utility trailer in any portion of the side or front yard, including the driveway.  
  1. All code violations on the street or involving graffiti are handled by the Police Department
  • Graffiti – Every property owner should keep their property clear of graffiti and report graffiti in common areas to the Police Department at (623) 933-1341.