EngineeringEngineering is responsible for providing in-house professional, responsive, and cost effective municipal engineering services to the citizens of El Mirage, as well as other departments of the City.

Staff efforts are focused on providing a high level of expertise for designing/planning, advising, administering, and overseeing public improvements within the City with a goal to provide these services on schedule and within fiscal requirements while protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of El Mirage. 

The Engineering division also oversees all capital improvement projects by coordinating with consultants, contractors, utilities and other government agencies.  The division interacts with the public, property owners, developers, contractors, and other City departments to address City engineering activities which include, but are not limited to infrastructure planning, project design, project construction management, traffic signal control, flood plain management, private development and utility plan review, surveying, and grant coordination.

Official Design & Development Standards Manual (DDSM) 

Design and Development Standards Manual - Final - Jan 2021