Posting Bond

When a person is arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, he/she may be able to post a surety or appearance bond to secure a release from jail while awaiting a hearing on the case.

Please note: Defendants are responsible for notifying the Court of any address changes.

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If you have any questions, please contact the El Mirage City Court at: 623-815-2186.

Bond Information

Appearance / Surety Bonds

 To obtain an appearance/surety bond, you should contact a bail bondsman or other surety who has the proper authority to post a bond with the Court.

Cash Bonds

Upon being arrested for outstanding misdemeanor warrants, a defendant always has the ability to pay the total fines owed in cash to secure his or her release from jail. This is called posting a cash bond. The cash bond is generally collected at the jail where the defendant is incarcerated. The amount owed for outstanding El Mirage warrants is forwarded from that jail to the Court. If your warrant is not for outstanding fines, the amount of bond will vary.

After the Court receives the cash bond payment, the defendant will be notified of the date, time, and place of his or her next hearing. Defendant is responsible for notifying the Court of any address changes. Failure to appear this hearing may result in the forfeiture of the cash bond(s) toward payment of the fines owed. If the warrant was issued for something other than non-payment of fines, a new warrant will be issued.